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Hi, I am Navin Sahu

I, My daughter Vardan and My Family are on a Mission to help 100,000 Service Providers & Job Holders who are Trading their TIME to make MONEY, get work Freedom, Build their Unshakable Brand EcoSystem by using the Power of ShubhVardan Fractals – The Structured Methodology of Natural Artistic Science.


I spent 18 yrs. of my career thinking that my degrees, certificates & outstanding performance will bring me super success in my career.


I was wrong! 


You can be super talented yet unsuccessful if you don’t know how to build, promote & market your CAREER Brand. 


In the last couple of years, I realized the power of following mentors who guided me on the path of self-discovery to identify my uniqueness – My Brand. 


Today, I have a fast-growing community of hundreds of working professionals, jobseekers & freshers who are learning the Career Branding concepts to confidently showcase their true potential to the world & achieve their dreams.


I eradicate compromise from your Life & help you in a Straight forward – Point Shooter way to establish your Branded Career which highs the Sky in this Digital Era of Simplification, where your TIME is MONEY!


This is a Powerful Force of Evolution, The more you evolve yourself Better & Branded, the more Money you can Make, that’s It!!

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